Friday, November 25, 2011

Star & Nov Dojran - Dojran

Dojran lake - reeds and fisherman
Dojran / Dojran municipality, Macedonia. Dojran was a city located on the western shore of Dojran Lake in the south-eastern part of the Republic of Macedonia. Today, it is collective name for two villages that exist on the territory of the ruined city: Nov (New) Dojran (settled from the end of World War I to World War II) and Star (Old) Dojran, which contains both old ruins and recent construction, especially hotels, resorts and restaurants. Dojran is located 170 km from Skopje, 59 km from Strumica and some 30km from Gevgelija. The nearest airports are Thessaloniki International Airport and Skopje Airport.

Dojran has suffered an outrageous bombing during the 1st World War, being on the Macedonian Front line (1916-1918) it was almost struck down. At that time Dojran was turned into a military camp. After the war, of 18,000 inhabitants only few remained to live in Dojran.
The tourism, along with Dojran hotels and the lake brought the life back in Dojran region. After the stagnation from the end of the 20th century, when the level of Dojran lake was lowered for 10 meters, thanking to the new pipeline system, the number if tourists/visitors has raised to a normal level.

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