Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Alsar mine (Majden) - Kavadarci

Lorandite - only to be found
 in Macedonia.
Majden, Kavadarci municipality, Macedonia - The mine Alsar has been registered as a monument of nature since 2004 and is part of the Emerald network for protection of natural beauties. 
Alsar deposite is a low-temperature hydrothermal goldarsenicantimonythallium deposit in southern Macedonia. For some time, the thallium-rich part of the deposit was mined. The Crven Dol mine yielded thallium and the ore body still holds estimated amount of 500 t of thallium. The mineral lorandite from this ore deposit is being used to determine the solar neutrino flux.
This mine is the world's only site where there are deposits of talium and is a potential mine of environmentally clean energy. Tens of types of minerals have so far been registered there, seven of which can be found solely in Macedonia. Lorandit is considered the most significant among them. The value of the minerals is estimated at billion of dollars. Alsar is located at Mt Kozuf.
Crven Dol mine operated in the antimony-poor and arsenic and thallium rich layer of the orebody. The minerals making most of the orebody are realgarorpiment, As-bearing pyrite and marcasiteThe deposit was mined extensively between 1880 and 1908. Antimony, arsenic and thallium were produced during that period.

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