Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Popova Šapka

Popova Sapka, Macedonia ... High above Tetovo on the Sar Mountain, there is the Popova Sapka ski resort, a major winter destination in north-western Macedonia. It belongs to the municipality of Tetovo.

Popova Sapka is part of the wider Tetovo region and minucipality.The resort Popova Sapka can be accessed by the local road from Tetovo (18 km) and on to Skopje (48 km).The ski slopes in Popova Sapka are first class & start at 1,690 meters above the sea level. They are connected by chair and drag-lifts.
Popova Sapka is home of military base of the Macedonian Army & meteorological station.
Šar Planina itself, is characterized by the numerous natural beauties, large areas covered with grass, flower meadows and 43 peaks at the height over 2,500 meters, above the sea level. The most famous is Titov Vrv - with a height of 2,747 meters, is in the vicinity of Popova Sapka. The beauty of the mountain is enhanced by the several springs and mountain lakes: Livadičko Lake, Crno Lake, Belo Lake, and others. Šar Planina is also rich with woods, that end at 1,600 meters above the sea level. In some of the higher parts of the mountain, the snow remains even during the warmest summer months. The length of this impressive mountain massif extends 80 km, and in latitude - 12 km. The snow cover is from November to April. Popova Sapka is located at the height of 1,708 meters.
Popova Sapka is connected to Tetovo, by a cable railway and a asphalt road. In the immediate vicinity of the Dervish Monastery Arabati Baba Tekje, in Tetovo, is the start of a cable car lift going up to Popova Sapka. The lift is 7 km long and it takes less than 40 minutes to reach Popova Sapka. A good asphalt road, that is passing by the mountainous villages of Gajre, Šipkovica and Lisec, leads to Popova Sapka - the complex of hotels and ski slopes, which can be used during the whole year, even in the winter months, (except in very bad snow storms), because the road is always being cleaned from the snow cover. The ski slopes in Popova Sapka are first class. They are connected by chair and drag-lifts.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Saint Demetrius church - Arbinovo, Debarca municipality

Saint Demetrius (Sveti Dimitrija, Свети Димитрија) church in Arbinovo in Debarca municipality, is an important stop on the way to Ohrid and Struga.
It's located some 30 km, before Ohrid, on the half between the mountanous road Kicevo-Ohrid.