Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Petacko Vodice, Beloviste

St. John the Baptist
Petacko Vodice (Macedonian: Петачко Водиче), Beloviste / Jegunovce municipality - Beloviste village is 22km away from Tetovo and Petacko Vodice area is 1km away from Beloviste using a paved road.
This area is known for the 3 waterfals: Gorna Skala, Dolna Skala and Petacko Vodice which is the lowest and most known. This rare natural beauty can be seen on the space of two miles in total length of 150 meters. These wild areas which look to the sky ends up in the interwoven branches of huge trees, after which the two steep miles distant waterfall to overcome even with three hours of intense, jealously hid Belovishte residents, but also the neighboring Vratnica, Rogachevo, Staro Selo and Odri. Mountaineers are the first, who began to conquer the field and already marked path, setting marks Mon trees on the right side of Belovishka River, 15 years ago.
Locals say that the whole space, from the peaks of Mt is rich in wild animals - bears, foxes, wolves, chamois, deer, and a true endemic plants, the traveler finds that spring, when nature begins to rise. In all periods of the year, Belovishka Cold River is abundant with water, but at the same time and clean drinking water, although we argued that most is in a period when the melting snows of Piribeg and the environment. Then the three waterfalls, whose length has no one measure is the longest and best, and violations of water makes the actual range of colors.
The three waterfalls insiders are claimed to be second in length in the Balkans. Dolna Skala is experience with a view from afar, even hundreds of meters. Petacko Vodice is at Beloviste, only a kilometer above the village and to keep it shaped paved road. Vrazivir is not just a waterfall, where after a rocky part of the water makes a jump of about fifteen feet, but a site that looks more like a tourist locality.

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